The GOP Translator

The media’s been all over Donald Trump lately for saying every crazy thing that pops into his head—that immigrants are rapists and thieves, that laziness is a trait of the blacks, that President Obama’s birth certificate is fake—and he never misses an opportunity to remind anyone who will listen about his most important traits—namely that he’s “really rich” Read More >>


Roots of the War on Poverty

I just finished reading The Passage of Power, the fourth book of Robert Caro’s multi-volume biography of Lyndon Johnson. The book recreates in vivid detail the years 1958 through 1964, during which Johnson wielded enormous power in the Senate, reached for the Presidency with a baffling strategy guaranteed to fail, became Vice President and gained Read More >>


Children in Poverty

Following the release of the 2012 Census data, perhaps the most disturbing statistics are those that relate to children. The results show that about one in five children in the U.S. are living in poverty, and this figure is even more disappointing once it is broken down by race. African American children are impoverished at more Read More >>