GOP “Giddy” at Vote to Take Doctors and Medicine Away from Millions

For Immediate Release: Thursday, May 4, 2017
Contact: Donna De La Cruz, (202) 339-9331

CCCAction President Dorian Warren Slams Vote, Promises Backlash

(WASHINGTON)—House Republicans today passed a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, including repeal of the Medicaid expansion and undermining the structure of Medicaid itself.  If enacted into law, the bill will take health insurance away from more than 24 million people in America.

“The fact that GOP leaders today were described as ‘giddy,’ ‘celebrating,’ ‘playing the theme from Rocky’ and showing pictures of George Patton is not even the most sickening part of a vote that if followed through on in the U.S. Senate would cost millions their health and even lives,” said Dorian Warren, President of the Center for Community Change Action (CCCAction).  “The most outrageous fact in this whole debate is their motive.  Republicans did this as part of a strategy to pay for tax cuts to their millionaire friends and the corporations who pour money into their campaign coffers.”

“House Republicans have turned deaf ears to the pleas and cries from real Americans in town hall meetings, online and in their offices this year,” Warren said. “Families whose lives could be potentially destroyed – sick children, the elderly, people with life-threatening illnesses–did not seem to sway them.  The heartlessness is outrageous, and the consequences are deadly. We hope the Senate immediately rejects this cruel attempt to rob millions of lifesaving care to enrich a few.”

“We will be working hard every day to make the voices of those who were forgotten today are heard loud and clear,” Warren added. “CCCAction will be fighting daily to make sure that every single Republican who voted for this unconscionable bill will feel it at the ballot box.  And the signs are clear – American did not want this vote, oppose by huge margins the cuts in Medicaid in this bill and know intuitively that it is being done to pay for tax giveaways to CEOs, bankers and rich campaign donors.”


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