Deepak Bhargava Announces Organization Name Change


Campaign for Community Change becomes Center for Community Change Action

Today, the Center for Community Change’s 501(c)(4) sister organization,  the Campaign for Community Change and its online counterpart Change Nation, officially become the Center for Community Change Action – or CCCAction.

This name change aligns our work under a strong banner – the Center for Community Change – with decades of experience and success in helping low-income people shape the policies that affect their lives. All of our existing 501(c)(4) programs and projects will be united under the name Center for Community Change Action to make it easier to identify our work in the field and on the national stage.

Only the name and logo are different. CCCAction remains committed to using advocacy, organizing and electoral engagement to build power and a political voice for people trapped in poverty. On issues that include immigration reform, jobs and poverty, we will continue to equip struggling people and communities with the tools of democracy, creating projects and partnerships to help us win substantive and lasting change for low-income people and people of color.

To get involved in our latest campaigns and see our recent successes, please visit:

Twitter: @cccaction

On behalf of the Center for Community Change Action, thank you for your ongoing support.

I hope we can continue to count on you to help carry the torch toward justice.

Sincerely yours,

Deepak Bhargava
Executive Director
Center for Community Change Action