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What We Do

Our Movement Building model grows grassroots leaders from the ground up. We work with established groups in local communities to recruit and train interested volunteers to be organizers. These organizers then go back into their communities, share their stories to raise awareness about key issues and recruit other volunteers to join in.

In addition to training, we also help these volunteer teams plan and execute:

  • Voter education, registration and get-out-the-vote efforts
  • Volunteer recruitment, events and rallies, and signature drives
  • Townhall meetings, issue campaigns, and canvassing drives

All to support policies, legislation and leaders that improve the lives of low-income people.

The Immigrant Voters Win PAC

In 2016, The Center for Community Change Action and the Immigrant Voters Win PAC targeted over 700,000 low-propensity Latino and Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters in Nevada, Colorado and Florida. Our multilayered, metrics driven program operated 15 canvass offices, completed more than 1.7 million door knocks, sent 1.2 million pieces of mail, made 638,566 phone calls and sent more than 1.9 million SMS alerts.

We blended the rigor and discipline of a traditional command and control campaign with the community credibility and cultural competency of local grassroots groups into a hybrid where trusted messengers had the training, resources and support to operate at scale in key battleground states. Our canvassers, trained in community organizing techniques, began conversations with voters around shared values and issues important to their families before pivoting to discussions about specific candidates, an approach that made an immense difference in the direction and outcome of the conversations and in the turnout among our targeted universe.

Read more about the CCC Action program and work with local community groups in these Washington Post and New York Times profiles.

Following the reporting and processing of the official voter rolls, CCC Action can now definitely state that, despite the troubling national results, our efforts were a resounding success (can we hyperlink to the one page chart here) , dramatically increasing turnout for our targeted universe of infrequent Latino and immigrant voters.

Report on 2016 Voter Impact Analysis

Report on the 2017-2018 Electoral Program

Read CCCA Summary Results here.

Photos From The Field

Stories From The Field

Miriam Cadenas, a DREAMer, who had worked for Planned Parenthood Action, found her voice as a leader in the movement through this election, becoming a fulltime organizer with the campaign in Nevada, working with the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) Action. As Miriam was phone banking, she connected with an older Latino voter who was undecided and wasn’t being persuaded by the usual arguments. But when Miriam shared her personal story as a DREAMer, the older voter committed to vote for Clinton and Cortez Masto. This demonstrates the power of investing in talent with deep roots in the community to lead this work.

Working with the Colorado Latinos Rise table, a canvasser knocked on the door of an older, more conservative gentleman who expressed concerned about immigration and the growing Latino population. The canvasser, who was a Latino student from the local university, began to speak and the older man recognized him from the local market where the canvasser works. The canvasser shared his story about receiving DACA and the struggles he and those in his community have faced. The older gentleman became emotional and talked about when the KKK was active in the area and shared remorse about his feelings. The man said, “I didn’t realize this was still happening, I’m sorry your family has had to go through this“. The older gentleman shook his hand and agreed to vote for Clinton.


Center for Community Change Action
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