“Not enough low-income people utilize their most important voice -- their vote. If every one of these individuals went to the polls to support candidates and ballot measures that truly served their interests, progressive candidates and policies would win every time.”
– Ben Hanna, Electoral Program Co-Director

What We Do

Our Movement Building model grows grassroots leaders from the ground up. We work with established groups in local communities to recruit and train interested volunteers to be organizers. These organizers then go back into their communities, share their stories to raise awareness about key issues and recruit other volunteers to join in.

In addition to training, we also help these volunteer teams plan and execute: 

  • Voter education, registration and get-out-the-vote efforts
  • Volunteer recruitment, events and rallies, and signature drives
  • Townhall meetings, issue campaigns, and canvassing drives

All to support policies, legislation and leaders that improve the lives of low-income people.

Featured Electoral Partner: Promise Arizona (PAZ) in Action


“I am a citizen and soon will be able to vote, but my family lives in fear. My mother came to this country to give me and my sister better opportunities. This is why, for me, doing this work — sharing my story, registering people to vote and inviting others to join me — is my way to honor her sacrifices.”

 Jennifer Briones, PAZ in Action volunteer

In 2013, CCCAction’s Arizona partner, Promise Arizona in Action, and its state allies registered 34,327 new voters, contacted 92,000 voters and held more than 1,125 actions across the state in support comprehensive immigration reform. These efforts won the support of Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, as well as 5 of 9 Arizona House members.